Leg Length Inequality X-Ray Protocols PLUS Leg Length Ruler

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Is structural leg length more of an issue than functional leg length deformity?

Case Study: 18-year-old female with 6 years Low Back Pain; failed chiropractic care, physical therapy, and pain meds! Dr. Mally’s Leg Length protocol confirmed a diagnosis of Anisomelia (Leg Length Inequality) 

The temporary addition of 11mm Heel lifts were applied and an immediate re-Xray disclosed significant correction pre-manipulation. 

Purchase Dr. Mally’s Leg Length protocols, add this to your practice, enhance clinical outcomes, and become recognized as the Leading Extremity Expert in YOUR Community!

What is Anisomelia/Leg Length Inequality (LLI)?
Through a compilation of evidence-based research, clinical case studies, documentation, and x-ray review of orthoroentgenograms relative to pelvic unleveling, scoliosis, and the cause for many knee, hip and low back sequelae, the SECRETS of LLI are finally revealed and based on FACTS.

Dr. Mally’s research of over 8,000 cases has shown that over 90% of people have an anatomical leg length inequality! This Leg Length Ruler helps you to capture accurate X-ray imaging.

Dr. Mally's Leg Length Ruler features a Customized Step, Mounting Assembly, & Vertical Aperture with an attached Lead Ruler. 

As a truly remarkable BONUS, the purchase of Dr. Mally's Leg Length Ruler also includes:

  • A 30 Minute Conference Call with Dr. Mally
  • Leg Length Ruler Instruction Manual
  • Protocols, Forms, & ICD10 Codes
  • Billing Information
  • Case Studies
  • Research & Statistics

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